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Knitwear in different materials

Several of our styles are made from recycled cotton, but we also offer styles made from regular cotton, wool, and merino wool. We know that it can differ a lot what the individual person prefers when it comes to materials, and therefore, we offer something for every taste.

Our knitwear in wool and merino wool makes sure to always keep you warm when you need it. Conversely, wool also has the quality of protecting your body from heating up. Therefore, wool is the perfect material to regulate your body temperature. Finally, wool dries quickly, which is very beneficial in situations where you come to sweat.

Our cotton styles require less maintenance than our wool styles and can be washed with most of your other clothes. Furthermore, cotton can help you keep warm, and it is a very wear-resistant material.

We have been working with the same partner (producer/factory) for many years, which makes sure that you are always guaranteed the same level of quality when buying our products.

Knitwear of high quality

You can find countless knit sweaters, pullovers, jackets, and cardigans on the market, but there is great difference between the quality of these. If you want quality knitwear that lasts for a long time and do not look washed-out and worn after a few washes, our knitwear is a good choice. We take pride in delivering quality products every time for you to use again and again.

Furthermore, there is a big difference between the way different products on the market are produced. At Kronstadt, out production cares for the environment.

Out knitwear styles can be used for everyday life, relaxation, and more festive occasions, and they are indispensable in every man’s wardrobe. Combine out knitwear with other styles and accessories from your wardrobe to dress up or down. It is a big advantage to own styles that never go out of fashion, and this is what you get if you buy our knitwear.