Classic and simple design

Every style from Kronstadt is characterized by a classic and simple design that makes it possible to be combined to many different types of clothing.

For instance, you can wear our sweatshirts underneath an overshirt or as itself. Depending on the weather and the occasion you can put together the right outfit.

Our sweatshirts are also very suitable to wear on top of a shirt if you want to wear a more classic outfit. Regardless of whether you need a sweater or hoodie for work, workout, or anything else, all our different styles are safe choices.

The comfortable materials make them incredibly nice to wear without compromising on the stylish element.

Looking for a sweater or a hoodie?

If you are looking for a classic and simple outfit, we will recommend our sweatshirts without hoods. You will find sweatshirts in many strong colors such as red, cobalt blue, and several toned-down colors such as grey and black.

You can style sweatshirts from Kronstadt with many different pieces of clothing. You can wear them as they are to create a casual outfit, but also with a shirt underneath if you are looking for a more formal outfit. If you are looking for a sporty look, we offer hoodies that contributes to a more relaxed outfit.

Hoodies from Kronstadt are not only incredibly comfortable to wear, but also a perfect match to the rest of your outfit. Regardless of whether you are relaxing at home or going to town with your friends, a hoodie from Kronstadt is a safe choice if you are looking for a sporty outfit.

There are a lot of possibilities when styling a hoodie to the rest of your outfit, as you can wear a hoodie at multiple occasions. No matter which style you prefer, they are all simple and stylish. You can wear a Kronstadt hoodie with any pair of jeans, depending on which outfit you are looking for.