Casual fashion since 1999


Founder and CEO, Thomas Olesen, is a man with a lot of ideas. In 1999 he got (another) idea, which turned out to be quite good. He saw a gab in the Scandinavian fashion industry and decided to do something about it.

In the beginning Kronstadt was known for being ‘Funky shirtmakers’. Back then, the shirts was produced in funky colours with wide collars and manchettes.

Today Kronstadt creates many different styles for the modern man, where every single piece is designed to be a product of high quality and have great comfort. Many styles, such as our popular Club Pants, are made for you to wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable at any time. On the contrary, they are very comfortable and flexiable with a lot of stretch in the fabric.

You can say a lot about Thomas Olesens many, many ideas, but the one he got back in 1999 was one of the better ones.


Our headquarter is placed in the Southern Odense in Denmark. Here we have different departments; Design, Administration, Economics, Warehouse, Marketing, Sales / Showroom and Management.

Our building used to be an old weather station for one of the bigger Danish channels, so when you walk around the house you’ll still see the old ‘On Air’ signs haning around in different rooms.

Kronstadt is a workplace full of humor and we have a good time together. Almost every employee has some kind of relation to (ice)hockey, so if you don’t like that sport, you would be quite tired listening of people talking about it several times a week.

We are a great mix of many different people, which makes Kronstadt a great and fun place to work.

We care!

Green thinking is not just a trend – it’s necessary

It’s a well-known fact that we need to take care of our planet and the environment – and it’s also a well-known fact that the fashion industry pollutes a lot.

That’s why Kronstadt has established different sustainable actions that cares for the environment and is a greener way of doing things.

One of the things we have created is our ‘We care’ collection for both men and kids. It’s a collection of Kronstadt bestsellers in more sustainable and ecofriendly materials. Some styles are made of 100% recycled materials – others are a mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Another thing we do is to collect all of our sendings in one truck, rather than receive many small, separate sendings of our products.

We make a lot of effort into our way of thinking more green to care for our planet and the environment, and new actions are always on its way to be better.