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Awesome! There was a problem with GLS (not Kronstadt's fault at all) but they solved it in an amazing way! Really happy! You can tell that the people at Kronstadt care about being their customers!


Best birthday present ever

Best birthday present ever ( or at least this year). I spotted my beautiful over shirt on-line and dropped many heavy-as-a house-brick hints, to my darling and long suffering...

Michael Corrigan

Excellent service and good quality clothing

Excellent service and good quality clothing. Kept in touch with delivery and tracking details. Very happy with my buying experience.


Great quality clothes

Great quality clothes and one of the few retailers that carry 33 waist trousers! Customer service was great as well as I had forgotten something on the order and they helped me sort it. For Uk purchasers be mindful of the approx. 20% import costs though but the clothes are still great value in my opinion.

Tony Deakin

Seamless return

Bought a few clothes including an overshirt for my dad as a Christmas gift which turned out too small for him. I've come across fast and polite contact with seamless return help.

Adam Passon